How does Floory work?

How does Floory work?
Tilda Publishing
To start work with Floory is as simple as to make a cup of coffee ☕
You just need to put short code wherever you need on your website and that's all.
You send us a draft of the floor plan in any format you have.
Waiting for 1 calendar day. You're right, not a business day!
The floor plan is live and ready to be installed.
Schedule a time with one of our team for a tour by the editor panel.
You are now ready to work with Floory platform 💪
Your next level of floor plan management 🚀
That's just the beginning of what's you'll have at the editor.
Our goal that you do more on sales, but not waste time on the editor.
Can you imagine that your designer should redraw the floor plan whenever a company wants to modify its location?
Change it, anywhere you want at any time with ease.
Booth names
Once you add any booth, it's number, area and company name are automatically added.
Delete/ resize
If you face the situation when a participant wants urgently take a nearby stand. You have a chance to resize it, even when you are still on the phone.
Booth status
With one keystroke you can change booth availability to free, sold or reserved.
Do you want to check all the advantages?