How to choose the right venue ?

Expensive and easily accessible or cheap and hard to reach the venue? Where is the golden mean?
Floory Tech at Messe Berlin
Floory Tech at Messe Berlin
Every time searching for a new venue, try to view as many resources, as you can: exhibition/ conference halls, hotels, separate platforms, that can be used for events. The main problem here is that all of the venues promote online themselves very bad, so it's hard to find good places, especially organizing events remotely. Also, make the list of other events to monitor their venues. Local organizers know more about the venue area and this way can be found a good offer.

Once you'll have the list of favorite venues, it's time to set up a meeting with them. Every venue owner initially put a good margin to their price, so you just have to start bidding for the price with a 50% discount. Yes, there are no mistakes. Argue your bidding and ask to reduce the cost in half. Only in this way you'll get the most interesting offer for you. There is nothing shameful about it.

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Venue location, also depends on the event edition. For a new one, it's better to run it not far from subways, bus stations, etc. No one knows what to expect, therefore it must be very easy to get and it does not become a barrier for visiting. Of course, if your audience increases every year, the event is very popular, you can take the cheapest venue and not dependent on traffic interchanges.

Venue budget needs to be 20–30% of all money turn round, but not more. Every event will have a good list of not planned spends, so the remaining 70% will be able to cover it. Why is it so important? Because, while planning all, numbers on paper looks great, but when the process is running, something can go wrong.

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